Hola blogging world


Hi bloggers!

So we just decided last night (as we were baking) that we should definitely post our ideas. We love cooking and baking healthy things but hey healthy doesn’t mean you have to be boring and have no flavor! We are active chicks who love to eat.


A little about ourselves:

Hi, I’m Gretch!

I’m a senior exercise science major and a collegiate runner. I’m pretty much on the go all the time and basically starving!Between running, class, work and personal training my client; I’m never home but to eat so we like to have a great time in the kitchen (our other roommates hate us for it; just kidding =).  I love peanut butter, zebra print and long runs with my roombug! We’ve been 4 year teammates but roomates the past 3 months and well it’s awesome! Caitlin and I are also totally opposites…let’s count the ways:

1. I live the single life ( like a champ); she’s been with her boyfriend for 6 years

2. I like to run marathons; she likes to run the 800 m (she’s really fast)

3. I have an addiction to hoodies; she judges me for it

4. I LOVE doing the dishes; she likes to dry them

5. I eat peanut butter straight from the jar…wait! we both do that

6. I hate water, she loves water.

So ya we’re different but when our food ideas come together; well they rock!! and are nutritious and of course delicious!

Like we always say at the starting line: rockHARD;eatHARDER


Hey, I’m Caitlin!!

I am a senior elementary education/special education major and also a collegiate runner. I love to eat, play, and run. I like all things peanut butter. I enjoy everything related to food, fitness, and fun. 🙂 Basically everything she said so follow us on our bumpy ride through our senior year as we eat, run, and have fun!


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